10 Productivity Tips for Virtual Assistants

It’s easy to become overwhelmed as a virtual assistant especially when you’re juggling a bunch of clients and projects at once. Sometimes you have a long to-do list and you don’t know how you’ll get things done on time.

Not only that, you might also have other responsibilities, like kids, school, etc., which reduces your work hours. That means that  if you want to be productive and get things done you have to be efficient.

Below I’ve gathered some productivity tips for Virtual Assistants. Try them out and see which works for you!

10 Productivity Tips for Virtual Assistants

1. Create an Online Calendar

The most efficient way to become productive is to keep an online calendar. It will help you to organize your schedules and tasks. Every day, you can plan and prioritize the tasks you’ll be completing throughout the day.

What is the best app organizer to choose? The majority of virtual assistants use apps like ClickUp, Google Calendar as well as Cortana.

This will assist you to stay focused on the tasks you must complete each day efficiently and within the timeframe you set.

Select an application that is suitable for you and has a user-friendly interface.

2. Determine your most productive time of the day

All of us have a time of the day when we feel most energetic and productive. Some of us are morning people, while some of us are night people.

It is important to know when you are most productive throughout the day to be able to prioritize tasks which are complex and difficult to complete. At the end of your day, you’ll be able to complete the easier tasks. 

Why is this so important? It’s important because it means you will be able to plan your tasks during your most productive hours of the day, and complete your work with precision and effectiveness. It will also make it easier to meet your deadlines.

3. Prioritize your tasks

Set your tasks in low, medium, or high priority. This will let you know the urgency of your project whether it is urgent or the deadline that you need to finish it by. It will make it easier for you to determine which tasks must be completed first.

Prioritizing tasks will help you keep track of your tasks and help you avoid missing deadlines.

The applications that virtual assistants typically employ include Trello, Asana, Teamwork, and ClickUp because they are user-friendly. With these apps you can easily assign tasks in low, moderate, high priority.

It’s also useful for teams because every member can access all information and will be able to see the team member’s work that is in the process.

4. Look for a workstation that is free from noise and distractions

Your workstation must have all the features that an office has. Look for a space that is free of any noise and distractions.

Set up a desk in a room or area with privacy so that it’s easier to focus. An ideal workstation is a desk that is facing the wall and where everything is neat.

Keep your laptop as well as monitor, keyboard and mouse accessible. It is also helpful to have a cabinet or organizer filled with all of your equipment.

Being organized can help you  locate everything you need to perform your tasks effectively. It is best to set up an area for work that is separate from the rest of the house, in order to keep it away from distractions and noise.

A peaceful work environment can boost productivity. A quiet workplace can help you focus without distractions. It will help you be more efficient in completing your work

A workstation free of noise is where you are able to work with no distractions such as the sound of cars driving by, the neighbor’s TV sounds, or even cats and dogs barking.

5. Batching tasks

One of the most effective methods to increase productivity is grouping or batching tasks. 

Batching refers to the grouping of tasks that are similar to each other. This way it saves you energy and time. Moving between tasks can take a lot of time and causes you to slow down. 

Batching gives you the productivity to concentrate on the task at hand and help you save time.

If you are creating collateral for the week, then it is best if you can create all of the content and then schedule it all at once. Scheduling it all at the same time will give you efficiency and quality of work because you can review every post before scheduling it.

6. Using bookmarks

Using an internet browser? Internet browsers have features that can increase your productivity. One of these features is the bookmark folders, which can help you save your favorite sites and just click it when you need to.

Create a folder , and mark each folder so that it is easily accessible.

Instructions on how to create an account within bookmarks.

Step 1: In your personal computer, launch Google.

Step 2: In the upper right corner on the right, click More Bookmarks. Then, Bookmark Manager.

Step 3: At the top right, click More. Then Click “Add New Folder”.

7. Using the Password Manager

Do you have a ton of passwords for accounts that you need to keep track of? You can make use of Google Password Manager to automatically sign you in with no delays or hassle.

It is also possible to use LastPass. It is easy to use and you can store all your accounts’ passwords.

It’s much better than fumbling around looking for your username and password on a piece of paper somewhere or clicking “forgot my password” again and again.

This tip will keep you productive and not waste your time, by logging you in an instant. 

8. Take breaks

Working from home requires a lot of focus because there will always be a ton of distractions and  some other things competing for your attention like kids, pets, school, chores, etc. Also, our brains can only concentrate for about 50 minutes before we need to take a pause and go do something else.

Try and work for that solid 50 minutes and get rid of as many distractions as possible. Shut your office door, turn off your phone and computer notifications, and anything else that keeps you from focusing on your work.

When that 50-minute work is over, then you can take a 5-10 minute break to do something else, but preferably something active.

Get up, move around, get away from the computer or laptop for a few minutes, then sit down for another round. Then take a longer break after every two or three rounds.

9. Do important tasks early

If you are finding it hard to spend time on things that grow your business like blogging, education, or working on a form of passive income, then you need to take some time early in your day to work on it. That way, you’ll make progress early, which is very motivating.

The important tasks tend to fall to the wayside because unlike client work, no one is waiting on us to finish those tasks. So, you need to do them early.

10. Ask Questions

Always remember that when you are unsure of what you are doing, just ask questions.

It is better to ask questions than guess, have miscommunications and errors just because you didn’t clarify the task. Get clarifications on your tasks before starting them, and the task will go a lot smoother.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do virtual assistants manage their time?

Virtual assistants manage their time by using techniques and certain apps to help them stay focused and avoid distractions. Most VA’s make a list of tasks, set deadlines and put urgent tasks first to be able to enhance productivity and manage time wisely.

What makes you an excellent virtual assistant?

An excellent virtual assistant is flexible and has the ability to adapt to changing work conditions. An ideal virtual assistant should know how to develop a solution and be able to come up with a plan whenever there is a problem. 


These productivity tips are useful in any organization or team to make them more productive and efficient. It can help you stay focused, organized, and maximize your time.

Being a virtual assistant can be a very fulfilling job, especially for self-motivated people, so long as you manage your time effectively.

Though working at home can be distracting and stressful, it doesn’t have to be. With a few tricks and practice, being a VA, that has his/her work-life balance in check, can be the most rewarding thing ever.