13 Basic Skills A Virtual Assistant Need

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A good virtual assistant should have both soft and hard skills.

Hard skills are measurable and teachable abilities such as writing, reading, math, or the ability to use computer programs.

Soft skills, by contrast, are the characteristics that make you a successful employee. These include communication and listening skills and being able to get along with others.

You can demonstrate your digital skills as a virtual assistant and increase your chances to be hired for work from home opportunities.

Virtual Assistant Skills

Computer Skills

Virtual assistants should be proficient in email, word processing, and internet use, especially for research.

Highly desirable skills include proficiency in virtual conferencing and video chat.


It is essential to have excellent oral and writing skills when working as a virtual assistant.

Clients must use email, phone calls, messaging platforms, and video calls to communicate with each other because there is no physical contact, thus everything must be done virtually.

It is important to be able to communicate clearly with the virtual assistant. This creates positive feedback that benefits the brand.


Being organized is an essential function for virtual assistants in order to complete tasks on time.

Good organizational skills are important if your job requires you to manage administrative tasks and maintain calendars.

Being organized makes it easy to find clients’ information, which allows virtual assistants to stay on track.

Many business owners hire an assistant to help them manage their emails, passwords and client information.

They might also manage social media accounts for companies. Virtual assistants with experience have systems that allow them to keep track of important changes.


Sometimes, a virtual assistant is required to do multiple tasks, sometimes for different clients.

Multitasking is a skill that can be mastered to help you complete multiple tasks concurrently and keep your schedule on track.

Time Management

Virtual assistants must not only manage their time, but also the schedules of their clients.

Virtual assistants have to manage multiple calendars. This includes setting up, canceling, and rescheduling appointments, and meeting cancellations.

Additionally, virtual assistants need to be able to manage their time well as they often have multiple clients and busy schedules.

They use online calendars to make multitasking easier and ensure they do not miss any crucial details.

Professionals may schedule meetings at certain times during the day to feel less pressure to complete specific tasks.

Time management style ultimately comes down to the needs of both the client and the company.

Interpersonal skills

Virtual assistants work remotely but often interact with employers, employees, coworkers, customers and managers.

To be a successful virtual assistant, you must communicate professionally and friendly via email, phone calls, and message systems.


Employers must be certain that their employees are trustworthy, particularly virtual assistants who can only be reached online.

Virtual assistants need to be reliable when given tasks and should respond promptly to any questions or concerns from their customers.

This builds trust between customers and clients, but also strengthens the brand as it continues to move forward.


Virtual assistants must be resourceful. This may include researching materials and finding solutions for clients’ problems.

Clients who are under pressure to be on time often hire virtual assistants to help them check facts, respond to emails and manage social networks.

These tasks require information that can sometimes be difficult to find. Employers value virtual assistants who can do this work.


Time-constrained business owners often have trouble creating original content.

Virtual assistants can help with brainstorming or creating new initiatives depending on their experience and knowledge in the niche.

Virtual assistants are needed by many digital marketing companies to help them with their ad creation, social branding, content writing, and lead generation.

This knowledge will help your resume stand out and strengthen your skills.


All virtual assistants need to know how to type. This is what makes online communication possible.

Clients expect quick results when they submit a request. Typing quickly will help you complete the tasks that you are assigned.

Virtual assistants are required to type at least 60 words per hour with 100% accuracy by most companies.

You can use several online tools to improve your typing skills.


Virtual assistants should be meticulous and catch any errors before they are made public.

This applies to online communication, as well as other forms of writing such instant messaging, where typos can compromise a company’s professional image.

Virtual assistants should be able to understand and follow the instructions of clients when working with them.


Batching is a crucial technical skill that virtual assistants can use to their advantage.

They don’t multitask and take on multiple clients’ needs. Instead, they do as many tasks as possible.

One type of batching is email management. This frees up time for other tasks. Virtual assistants are able to schedule time throughout the day for email correspondence, instead of responding to client emails immediately.

You might find that they respond to email at 9 a.m. or 3 p.m. Instead of switching between tasks all the time, this will increase your focus and productivity.

Basic Accounting

Virtual assistants are often independent contractors. Therefore, it is essential to have a basic accounting knowledge.

This allows you to identify which clients or projects are most profitable. It also helps you determine when your business expenses affect your profitability.

Online resources are available to assist business owners in understanding balance sheets and income statements

Virtual Assistant Requirements

Virtual assistants need a combination of education, training, skills and experience to do their job.

There may be some common expectations. However, the specific nature of these requirements can vary depending on what type of work each virtual assistant does.


Virtual assistants are often able to find work even if they have a high school diploma. However, some employers prefer that the assistant has a bachelor’s degree or an associate degree.

Depending on the job, a virtual assistant might earn a degree in marketing, business administration, or communication.


Online training courses are available for virtual assistants. Courses in spreadsheets, database management, word processing, and business can be taken online.

There are also courses in graphic design, social media management and website building basics.

You can also learn basic administrative skills online through virtual assistant training courses.

Online or at your local community college, training courses are possible. The topic of the course will determine how long it takes to complete.

To make virtual assistants more appealing candidates, they can choose from a range of training courses.

Virtual Assistant Certifications

Although virtual assistants are not required to be certified, they can show dedication and specialist knowledge in various areas.

You can either become a certified virtual assistant or get certification in specific areas.

Be aware that certifications and requirements can vary depending on the work performed by virtual assistants.

Certified Virtual Assistant

VA Certified’s course is designed for those who have at least one-year experience as virtual assistants.

Before granting certification, the VA Certified review board asks applicants about their education, experience as a virtual assistant, and other accomplishments.

Microsoft Office Specialist

Basic office software skills are required for many virtual assistant positions. The certification can be obtained at three levels:

Expert, Specialist and Master. This certification is also available to assistants for all versions of Microsoft Office from 2007 through 2016.

Virtual assistants must complete a training program and pass an exam to earn the MOS certifications.

Google Ads Certification

Google certification is one way of proving your expertise in online advertising.

Before you can take the exams, Google provides training in the areas covered by the certification.

Language Certification

Virtual assistants will benefit from the ability to fluently speak a foreign language.

The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages and the American Translators Association offer certification programs in the USA.

For Virtual Assistants from other countries, their are also online classes that can help you speak a foreign language fluently and get certified.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are virtual assistants in demand?

Entrepreneurs and online businesses are particularly in need of virtual assistants. Thus, they are in demand.

Virtual support is becoming increasingly popular for small and medium-sized businesses, particularly when it comes to social media management.

Is it worth becoming a virtual assistant?

If you have ever thought of working from home and starting your own business, then becoming a virtual assistant may be worth it for you.

The great thing about becoming a virtual assistant is that you don’t need a degree to get started, and you can make a lucrative income if you do it right.


Virtual assistants are becoming increasingly popular.

If you want to become a virtual assistant, the skills we have listed above will be necessary to offer a range of services, including customer service, bookkeeping, bookkeeping, and social media management.

An employer may not require these certifications or requirements depending on the job you are performing.

However, it is still important to have enough knowledge, skills and experience to be able to get hired.