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Affiliate Marketing For Beginner Wrap Up

This is the final part in the affiliate marketing for beginners blog post series.

If you have been following along, you should have created a new blog, with lots of content, signed up for Amazon Affiliate program. And hopefully you have seen your first sale come through.

So where do we go from here…

What’s next?

Add more posts and reviews for Amazon products and you will surely increase the revenue.#

But, we also want to explore other affiliate programs, there are some major affiliate networks like CJ, ShareASale, AWIN to name a few. These affiliate networks manage the affiliate programs for retail stores all around the world. Best practise to diversify and even offer options for different stores on your product reviews.

Display Ads

While ads can provide a good source of income for a blogger, they can also be a distraction for many people. You can easily spend time adjusting and testing ads, but this will make your blog much harder to maintain than it would be if you only focused on creating high-quality content.

Unlike other forms of passive income, display advertising requires a significant time commitment and is not suitable for the newbie blogger.

Although blog ads are a necessary part of blogging, they can also be a major distraction. Even if they generate a decent amount of money, they can detract from writing great content. You can easily get frustrated and distracted by the influx of advertisements.

Having ads on your blog is a distraction from creating excellent content. To maximize your earnings, you should focus on providing value to your readers. You can easily increase your earning potential by using proven strategies.

Display Ads are a other great way to bring in additional income, you do need a rather large visitor per month for Display Ads. Roughly speaking 12-15 bucks per 1000 views is a low end average you can expect.

If you want to try Display Ads sooner then Ezoic have no minimum requirements, once you hit 5k users per month it may be worth signing up. You wont be earning a fortune with 5k users for display ads, but even seeing a dollar a day can be encouragement to carry on,

Start Collecting Emails

You can start collecting emails by creating a free eBook and offering it as a prize in a giveaway. This is an easy way to grow your list and will ensure that you have more subscribers than you can possibly handle.

If you’re unsure about how to segment your list, you can read this guide for more information. This is a must-have if you’re looking to build an email marketing list.

The fastest way to start collecting emails is by piggybacking on your audience. You can collect email addresses from people who already subscribe to similar content to your own.

It’s a natural way to grow your list, because people who are already subscribed to something similar to yours are more likely to sign up. And word-of-mouth is the most powerful tool, so don’t underestimate the power of word of mouth.


Keep learning about SEO, new affiliate offers, internal linking strategies.

Good luck,