Affiliate Marketing For Beginners | Niche Selection [2022]

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners Part 1: Niche Selection Tips

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What is affiliate marketing?

You earn commission every time you promote a product or service on behalf of a company and drive a sale. Like commission-only sales representatives, you will only be paid when you produce a sale.

How does affiliate marketing work?

When you are an affiliate, you are paid for performance. The three types of performance-based models common to affiliate marketing are as follows:

  • PPC (Pay-Per-Click) – Affiliates receive a commission on every valid click they generate, regardless of whether they convert into sales.
  • PPL (Pay-Per-Lead) – Businesses pay fixed commissions for every action a click generates. You might complete an action like installing an app, filling out an online form, or signing up for a free trial.
  • PPS (Pay-Per-Sale) – Companies pay a certain percentage of qualified sales. The most popular PPS program is Amazon Associates, which publishers can earn based on the number of products sold.

How much money can I make as an affiliate marketer?

Top Affiliate Marketers make 80k-150k+ a month. There could be some that are making more, there really is no way to know for sure. Elementor, a WordPress page builder company says their top affiliates earn over $10,000, and that’s just one affiliate program.  


Most people who go into Making Money Online will fail. It’s hard work and it’s going to take time.  You won’t get rich overnight. You may not make your first dollar online for 3 years.   

What are the steps to get your first dollar online?

These are the 4 steps you need to take to start making money online.

  1. Choose a niche
  2. Build a website
  3. Find content topics
  4. Write great content

Before you shout at me…. yes, this is still a very high-level list that we need to break down further.

But, first…

This is how my brain works… I don’t care about steps 2 to 4. My focus is step 1. Choosing a niche. When that is done then I will move my focus to the next step.

What I’m saying is don’t become overwhelmed trying to solve future problems. Stay focused on the task at hand.

Complete one step at a time and you will get there for sure.

Let’s start taking action…

The “internet gurus” will tell you to choose a niche you are interested in, something that is a passion for you. 

I don’t take that approach. When choosing a niche, I like to explore the financial opportunities and the ease of supporting them.

Process for choosing a niche:

For example, let’s use “Lawn Mowers” as a niche topic we are thinking about.

1. Are other people promoting this niche?

Do a quick search in Google like this: best lawn mower for 

If you find lots of articles like this below then it is a GOOD sign.  We want lots of competition as this is a good indicator there is money to be made. If you don’t find any “best for x” this is a strong indication that niche won’t make money.

We will look at the competition later, but even in very competitive niches, there is usually a way to break into the crowd, it comes down to your research. 

2. Financial opportunities


Are there products on Amazon related to a niche? Generally, I’m looking for a good number of products with a high number of customer ratings. For example, if we are looking at the niche “Lawn Mowers” I will search for lawn mower and look for these signs.

Note the number of results, the extensive filtering for the brand, price, and several types of lawnmowers available. These are all good indications that there is a big pool of products you could recommend on your website.

Another thing to check here is the average price of a product. We really want to find products that are over $100, your commission is going to be 1 to 8%. Made this mistake in my first affiliate website, I recommended products costing 10 to 20 dollars and you need to sell a lot to make any serious money!!!

Next, go into the product page and look at the section “Frequently bought together”, this tells us other related products that could also be promoted if we chose to.

In the beginning, Amazon is going to be your main affiliate program. It’s easy to get started and they have the best conversion rates in the world for online eCommerce stores.

Google for more

When we are comfortable promoting Amazon products, we will want to start looking at other affiliate programs out there. The main reason for this is diversity – we want to have several affiliate programs as we never know when one of them may just stop working. Amazon is known to drop the ban hammer from time to time and having multiple sources of income on your site gives you an extra layer of security.

Search in Google: [niche] affiliate programs

For example, it would be lawn mower affiliate programs.

We are looking for a nice list of affiliate programs from companies and affiliate networks like WebGain’s, Awin, Sharea sale. You may also see blog posts like 10 best affiliate programs for [niche name]. This is good and we can move on.

Digital Products

Search in and to see if there are any digital/software-type products out there in your niche. 

Unfortunately, in the lawn mower world, there are no good digital products but that’s OK because by doing this exercise I realized there are a ton of physical product affiliate programs out there

Are people searching this niche?

You should have a feel for the niche from the product and affiliate program searches above, but if you want to be sure then put the niche into Google and scroll to the end of the page to see the Related Searches. 

Copy the main niche keyword and the related searches into a free search volume tool like

If the total average searches is above 30,000 then you are good to go with that niche.

Important notice. See so many people stop at this point and freeze, sometimes for months. They question the decision of the niche.

Is this the right niche?
What if this fails?
Is there too much competition?

If this is, you… SNAP OUT NOW!

This is what my experience has taught me…

1. Some niches are harder than others, but the vast majority are easy to enter.

2. Every other niche can win.

3. If it does not make affiliate income it can be monetized in other ways. i.e. running ads can bring in a tidy sum

4. When you “make it” you will have multiple sites running at a time… this is just 1!

5. Websites are selling for 35 x Monthly Profit* – so if you get a site to five hundred profit a month you can sell it for 17k and choose another niche.

Action: Choose a niche today.

In the next article in this series Affiliate Marketing for Beginners, we look at Domain Names and Hosting for affiliate sites.