Building New Content

Building Site Growth With New Content For Targeted Audience

Create ideas for new content which directly targets the client audience using keyword research, analysing competitor content. Deep diving into each idea we create detailed content briefs for the writer. If you have a writing team in your company we are happy to work with them and send our briefs directly to them.

Keyword Research Focusing New Content

Extending on the keyword research we performed in the initial phase of the campaign, we specifically look for industry topics which are not covered on the website. Keeping the target audience in mind we want to answer any questions and queries a potential customer has in their journey down the funnel. The goal is to grab the attention of someone at the top of the buyers funnel and provide value so we are able guide them to becoming a purchasing customer., building trust along the way.

Developing Ideas From Keyword Research

Using the keyword research we are able to start grouping similar keywords which may be combined to form a complete article or a series of articles. Now we have a list ideas we can dig deeper into the different section or sub topics we want to discuss in the article and start to build an outline – this forms the  basis of a writers brief so they know exactly what they need to discuss, essentially filling in the gaps.

Competitor Gap Analysis

Taking a closer look at the competitors we build an understanding of the search terms they are ranking for and what they did to get their page ranking. We use competitor gap analysis reporting to quickly and easily find the gaps or topics missing from the client site. We want to make our client the authority in their industry and ensuring we cover all the topics and answer all questions of the target audience is a great start to achieving this.

Article Publishing Calendar

A good content marketing strategy publishes new content at regular intervals. We prioritise the articles given certain metrics and each month we send the writers brief’s to our writers, or to your writers if you prefer. Pending a editorial review and imagery they are scheduled for publishing on the client site. We also track the article to see if it gains attention and what impact it has, which may influence future articles.