On Page SEO Improvements

Resolving Existing Technical Issues

In the second phase, we start by resolving any technical issues we found during phase one. Ensuring the site html code is technically correct and search engines are able to crawl the site quickly, often results in a small boost with rankings and gives us a good solid base on which to build out in future phases.

Perform Keyword Research for Existing Content

For each of the pages we would like to see rank in search engines, we will do deep keyword research for each page and compare this with the website pages that are appearing on the first page. Often we can find out why the page is not being shown on the first page of Google and small updates will usually give a nice boost.

Updating Pages That Require Big Changes

Sometimes we find pages that are trying to target a keyword but the content is way off. We could remove these pages, but often they are there for a good reason and the keyword is worth going after. In this instance we create a Writers Brief for the page and hand it off to the client if they have their own writing team or one of free writers we keep on book.