Promoting with Industry Relevant & Authoritative Sites

Outreach to Similar Websites With Authority

Building a website and creating content is only half the battle, we need to spread the word and get the message to the target audience. We do this by outreaching to similar sites and blogs that are deemed to have a good reputation and open a conversation with the site owners. Our goal is to build relationships with other sites so that we may mutually benefit each other. This usually involves a writing a an article for their readers and giving value where we can.

Perform a Link Audit

We look into which sites are currently linking to your site and determine if the other site is relevant, has authority and the general quality of the site is good or bad. We’ll then do a similar process for your main competitors, looking for patterns and similarities to see what makes them rank for a piece of content/page. Understanding what is already working will give us clear view on we need to do if we want to compete for a keyword.

Find & Assess Possible Sites

The link audit will get us started with a list of sites that have linked to a competitor which is great but we still need to take this further by crawling the web for other relevant sites, understanding the target audience can help a lot during this process, as we try to understand their journey.

Outreach & Negotiation

Once we have a good list of prospects we outreach to the site owners and open a dialog to see if we can add value to their readers and quoting your site in the process.