16 Virtual Assistant Qualities and values You Need in Your Team

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If you want to maximize your productivity and ensure you’re able to satisfy all high-level initiatives of your job, look for these virtual assistant qualities when you consider hiring a Virtual Assistant.

Virtual assistants are available in many different ways. They can be asked to do everything from customer service to administrative tasks to designing work.

Although each virtual assistant is unique, there are certain essential qualities that all VAs should possess to maximize their potential.

What qualities should a VA have?


It is vital to be reliable

You could have the best, most qualified person you’ve ever met, but if they don’t report on progress or respond to your emails promptly, it will be detrimental for your business.

Your virtual assistant will be working remotely so they must demonstrate a high level of responsibility and autonomy in order to complete the tasks.

They should be able to produce high-quality work, not just show up when they are supposed to.

Excellent Communicator

Before you make an offer, it is important that they have a demonstrated and effective communication skill in responding to your calls or emails promptly.

Poor communication can lead to disaster, especially when it’s about a problem or an issue they are experiencing.

Inability to communicate can lead to misunderstandings, delays, extra costs, and a strained relationship with your clients.

Your VA should be comfortable using different communication mediums, such as FaceTime, your email provider, project management software, text messaging, and so forth.

Resourceful and Proactive

You don’t want a virtual assistant that just goes through the motions without putting in any effort or quality work.

A VA’s role is to help clients solve problems, complete tasks and find solutions.

It’s not realistic to expect your VA to be a master of all trades and be able to do everything, but they should be resourceful.

They can ask questions in a VA forum or watch a YouTube tutorial. Or, they could search for information in articles that provide the required info.

Experts in their field will keep virtual assistants abreast of the latest industry trends and competitor news. This could be a great opportunity for your company.

VAs who are able to solve problems, think independently, and take initiative to produce the best work will save your time and save you your sanity.

Honesty and trustworthiness

Although it is not ideal to work with an untrustworthy employee, honesty is more important than ever when dealing with them in a virtual capacity.

Your VA will make mistakes every now and again, just like everyone else.

A good VA will be there to help you with any delays or problems that may arise.

Companies use screens and time monitors to keep track of their VA’s progress, and make sure they are working the right hours.

But, it’s your decision. It all comes down to how trusting you feel in your VA.


Multitasking is one of the most important skills a virtual assistant should excel in.

They will most likely be responsible for multiple projects and tasks. Therefore, they need to be able to keep their head above water and manage multiple clients.

A virtual assistant must be able to keep a schedule and prioritize tasks.

Ability to work under pressure

While things may seem chaotic from your side, clients should never see the back of your head. It is crucial for your VA to be able to see this.

They must make sure that each client feels like they are their number one priority, regardless of how busy the workload is.

Sometimes, there may be situations where the turn-around time is short or the workload is higher than usual.

Your VA should be able handle this pressure and refrain from passing any stress or negativity on to clients (even if it’s not intentional).

Excellent with Follow ups

When you find a virtual assistant that can keep up with all your tasks even when the client is not available, you have struck gold.

Sometimes things happen to the client, but your VA must have the ability to reach out and follow-up with clients.

If your VA requests approval from a client on a social media ad that you have created, and they don’t hear back within 2 to 3 days, then they should follow-up with an email or phone call to remind the client.

Contributing to Business Growth

Your business will benefit from a virtual assistant who is skilled in their field.

VAs are able to contribute to your profitability, regardless of whether they have freed you up to pursue other opportunities or because their exceptional work resulted from a client referral or upsell.

Observant and Accuracy

Every detail is important, as even a small error can have a big impact on a company.

To avoid unexpected circumstances, every move should be taken with care.

Virtual assistants must be able to concentrate on their work while they are at work.

They are expected to manage multiple accounts or tasks simultaneously. This means that errors can occasionally occur, which could lead to a more complex process.

It is important to not overlook the most important details, such as dates or numbers, and to remember important points such as format and instructions from clients.

It is helpful to be familiar with the tasks, especially if virtual assistants are able to know where to start or what to do. Avoid making mistakes.

Despite the fact that mistakes can be made, VAs should strive to do their tasks correctly and efficiently. Both the VA and the client will save time by doing this.


Remember that even though you may be a VA, you are imperfect. It is a positive trait to have if you are always looking for ways to improve yourself.

They should be open to suggestions, criticisms, and feedback regarding their work. Constructive criticism can ultimately lead to an individual’s improvement.

It is normal to feel weak and shouldn’t be viewed as a sign of weakness.

The VA should be open to receiving feedback from clients. This will allow them to work more efficiently and help achieve the shared goal of the VA and client.

It is important to always accept feedback and develop new ideas, strategies, and techniques towards a task or business in general. This can make it easier to achieve success.

What values should a virtual assistant have?

When you are looking to hire a VA, make sure they share the same values and beliefs as you.

This allows you to speak the same language, and creates a strong bond. You can also trust one another to accomplish the same goals.


Virtual assistants manage a lot of work, which can include managing private information.

This might include managing email addresses for credit card bookings.

When interviewing for a virtual assistant it is crucial that they are honest.

Ask them how they handle private information. Call some references to verify their authenticity before you make a hiring decision.


When it comes to intellectual property, integrity is key. You must also be truthful to your timeframe.

If you promise to work by Thursday, it must be done by Thursday. If a delay is unavoidable you should communicate this in advance.

To be prepared for any last-minute surprises, I like to start things a day ahead so that I have some extra time.


Building relationships with clients is a way to go further than you can imagine.

No matter what the client does, always remain positive

Positive and positive attitudes will help you gain their trust. You will earn your client’s respect by being positive and upbeat in times of crisis.


A loyal employee is someone who has worked hard for your company and remains focused on the company’s success.

Loyal employees are those who are hired to do a specific job and do everything to be the best at it.


A virtual assistant should be responsible enough to be able to carry out certain duties on a daily basis.

If an employee or manager is responsible for completing a task, you can hold them responsible in the event that they don’t do it or praise them for doing a good job.


The employee’s level of commitment to work, or work commitment, is the degree to which they are enthusiastic about their work.

It’s the sense of responsibility an individual has for the goals, mission and vision of the organization he/she is a part of.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you a good fit for the position as a virtual assistant?

You are a good fit for the position as virtual assistant if you are a good communicator, if you are highly reliable, able to work under pressure and committed to your job.

What makes you stand out as a virtual assistant?

A  great way to stand out to potential clients looking for a virtual assistant (VA) is to consume everything you can about your niche or industry. 

It is important to be able to learn new skills and keep up-to-date on industry trends so that you can share these with your clients.


Hiring a virtual assistant can be a frustrating task. After all, you want to find the best or a highly qualified candidate that you can work with.

But, if you keep the qualities we’ve listed above in mind while you’re on the hunt for a VA, then it should make the hiring process a much easier one.