Self Service SEO – Content Packs

Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive content creation service available to content publishers. Using our service, you can completely delegate the process of keyword research, topic ideation, uploading, and publishing to us.

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Keyword research

We follow the same process of keyword research supplied here, as we do in our fully managed content sprints. Keeping the target audience in mind we want to answer any questions and queries a Google searcher has when they click into your website. 

By selecting the right keywords and analyzing the search results for each keyword we are able to determine the intent of the search and provide the best content to both the searcher and Google.

Competitor content gap analysis

Running competitor gap analysis reports is one of the methods we use for finding new ideas. It’s a quick way for us to determine any holes in your existing content and can achieve some quick wins for you.

Developing ideas from the research

Using the keyword research we group similar keywords which may be combined to form a complete article or a series of articles. A “topic” is rarely fully covered in a single article, there is always supporting information that can be discussed in separate articles.

For your site to gain positional ranking in Google, it is important to be an authority on your topic, this is achieved by thoroughly researching and touching on all aspects.

When we have a plan of action for the articles to create, we build up an outline for each article which shows the structure and talking points that the writer needs to cover. This “article brief” is then passed to the writer.

The writing team

All of our writers are native English speaking and maintain a high standard for our clients. We understand the difficulty of finding good writers and maintaining a level of quality with them, it can be a time-intensive process finding the right people. 

Onboarding call

We like to start with a quick 30-minute call so we can better understand your requirements and goals. It’s not necessary if you’re using the self-service options, but we absolutely recommend it so we can stay on point while processing your order.

Uploading and formatting

When an article is ready we upload it directly to your CMS and format it to your requirements. Your new article is set as “draft” so you can review the new content and publish it when you are ready. 

If you are running an affiliate site we create use your affiliate links in the content and create tables, products lists as required. If you use Amazon Associates then we recommend using the AAWP plugin, it’s the one we use in our personal sites and is the quickest method for our team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all articles are automatically scanned for copyright infringement using Copyscape.

  1. After you create the order we will send you an email asking for more information pertaining to the site, also in the email is an invitation to join us on a Zoom call to discuss your content and what it is you want to achieve.
  2.  Your order is passed to one of our KW researchers, who really goes to town, looking for the best keywords that fit your goals.
  3. The KW researcher creates a list of possible articles from the keyword list - which then needs to be authorized and signed off.
  4. Articles are sent to the writing team to be produced.
  5. When an article is written, it is checked by an editor and then uploaded to your CMS and formatted.
  6. Finally, after the formatting is complete, it is checked again by an editor and if all is well, you will be notified an article is complete and ready for you to publish when your ready.