Start Writing Your Blog Content Today

Start Writing Your Blog Content – affiliate marketing for BEGINNERs part 5

Content writing is part 5 of Affiliate Marketing for Beginners series. Before you dive in and start writing your first blog post, we need to define the types of blog posts we need.

Then we will discuss how we find the best topics to write about that will give your blog the best possible chances of being seen by people searching in Google.

At the top level we have 2 types of blog posts.

  1. Informational
  2. Commercial

An informational post will be something like a how to replace a bicycle seat post, whereas as a commercial page is, or money page as they are often called, would be 10 Best Bike Seats for Mountain Bikes.

The informational blog post is there to provide a valuable resource that can genuinely help your readers. We don’t want to put any sales talk or affiliate links on this type of post.

Readers are very aware when they are being sold to. This gives readers a bad taste and they will lose trust in the website if they feel they are constantly being sold to.

We will place a link from your informational content to your commercial content, but this is mainly for search engines… more on that later.

More reasons why creating informational content is important:

  1. Other websites are more likely to link to your informational content.
  2. Informational content can act as a bridge for your readers. For example a reader maybe reading a blog post to find out what kind tool they need to fix their bike steering. Once they find the answer they will be looking to purchase it.
  3. Google ranks sites based on their overall knowledge on a topic. If we want to rank a blog post for the 5 Best Cycling Seats then we should also write several informational posts talking about bike seats – these “supporting posts” tells Google the blog owner is knowledgeable on the topic. Which means better rankings, more readers and higher affiliate commissions.

The sole purpose of your commercial/money posts is to make money!

Types of informational content

  • How to posts like how to cook a chicken or how to tie a tie.
  • Check lists for example the ultimate check list for creating a blog post. (I should do that actually)
  • Cheat Sheet as the best cheat Sheet when using Google sheets. This would have a list of common formulas
  • Listicles such as the 10 best cars ever made, 10 reasons why everyone is talking about game of thrones

Types of commercial content

  • Round up review or best x for y where you review several products of similar type for example: best road bike for beginner cyclists
  • Single product review post really digs into the product looking for both the pros and cons. Your reader is looking for the experts opinion, so give it to them. With lots of personal photos if you have access to the product.

For affiliate product reviews

Your blog’s content must be friendly and informative. Don’t criticize competing products; instead, talk about the benefits and drawbacks of your affiliate product.

This will attract visitors to your affiliate page. It’s important to avoid being negative or scathing about other products.

Secondly, it is important to be honest with your readers. Do not use cliches in your reviews.

Always be objective and avoid making unrelated reviews. This way, you’ll increase your chances of conversion.

In the same way, make sure to mention the social proof of your affiliate product recommendations. Moreover, you should also offer alternate recommendations to the products you review.

Lastly, write reviews that are not purely descriptive and focus on the benefits.

When writing your affiliate reviews, it is important to ensure that the content is informative and not too long.

A well-structured post will help your readers and your wallet. It will be easy to read and maximize conversions.

During the writing process, start with an intro that will grab your audience’s attention and mention your affiliate link.

It is especially important if you are reviewing a product or a course with a timeline.

Once you’ve chosen the affiliate products you want to review, you should create a well-structured post.

This will benefit both your readers and your wallet. In addition, it’s important to make the post easy to follow and easy to understand.

When writing an affiliate review blog, it’s important to keep in mind the audience. While your audience may be different from your own, you should consider the mindset of your readers before writing a review.

The audience is the most important aspect of a product review. It should not be biased.

The reader should be able to see the benefits of the product before deciding to purchase it.

In writing an affiliate review blog, you should emphasize the positive aspects of the product.

When reviewing 5 products, the best one in your mind is the best for you… but the other products may be best for other scenarios.

For example if you have a post reviewing lawn mowers then product 1 could be best for small lawns; product 2 could be best for buyers on a budget. You get the picture!

The most important thing is…

Start Writing Every Day.

Aim for at least 750 words to 1300 words.

If you can write 1 article a day for 90 days then you will start to see movement and good things happening.

Struggling for topics to write about?

Look for similar blog to yours and start writing posts on the same topics.

While your looking at your competitors, notice the titles they use, how long is the article, what questions do they answer, do they have a faq on the page.

If they are on page 1, preferably in the top half, then this is what Google is looking for, so give it to them.

I’m not saying steal their content but take notes on the points they raise and expand in your own words