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The Content Production LINE – Part 6

Part 6 of the Affiliate Marketing for Beginners course is going to be defining the content a bit more.

To have a successful website that gets it’s traffic from SEO. You must produce content regularly and it must be of quality.

This is a fact.

The most important thing for running a blog is your content production line.

1 new blog post per day is optimal for beginners. At this point you really need to get into the habit of writing content quickly and publishing.

If you can only manage 1 post a week. That is absolutely fine. It will just take longer.

The best strategy is of course to get someone else writing your content! This will free up so much of your time.

Outsourcing Your Content Production

There are several options for outsourcing content:

  • Hire a full time writer via ProBlogger, UpWork.
  • Use a broker like WordAgents, Writers access, TextBroker

Did you notice above? This is a website for hiring Fillipeno workers. I’m sure you have heard others say always hire English speaking writers. But, I find a good fillipino writer is of high quality, sometimes just need a bit of extra editing.

Brokerages like TextBroker charge 1.5 cents per word which is extremely cheap although you get what you pay for in this game. So they may need more editing than other brokers.

WritersAccess is a high quality writer broker than charged on a scale from 4 cents to 10 cents per word and more. Generally speaking the more technical the subject the more important it will be to hire a writer with experience in that field.

Using AI Tools to Speed Up Content Production

Another option for generating a ton of content is to use an AI Content tool like ClosersCopy or ArticleForge.

Both of these are extremely good for blog posts, but ClosersCopy is like the swiss army knife here, it will produce content for your Facebook ads, landing page copy and anything else.

Whereas ArticleForge is more simple for the purpose of creating blog posts only.

Did you get the message from this lesson?

Build a Content Production Line so Your Blog is Producing Regular Content

When your first starting out, it doesn’t really matter what you write as long as it’s on topic for overall blog. You can optimize each post later.