What Types Of Virtual Assistants Are There?

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Virtual assistants operate as remote administrative contractors.

They are usually responsible for office management but they can also help with content, social, design and other media-related business responsibilities.

So what types of virtual assistants are there? There are social media virtual assistants, real estate virtual assistants, blog virtual assistants and more!

In this article, we will be discussing the types of virtual assistants that may interest you and your business needs. 

Types of Virtual Assistants

Social Media Virtual Assistant

This virtual assistant manages social media accounts for their employer.

They keep track of all posts made by the company across various social media platforms.

They plan posts ahead, write them, manage comments, and then direct them to the right team member.

These tools also assist in determining the content to be shared, and how it impacts sales and overall reach.

Social media workers work remotely to keep your social channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin) updated with new content.

This allows you to be more productive while still maintaining your business functions.

Administrative Virtual Assistant

This virtual assistant handles all administrative tasks, both personal and business-related.

They are responsible for many tasks, including bookkeeping, email management and scheduling appointments.

They also provide standard virtual assistant services like customer service or social media management.

The administrative virtual assistant supports leaders and executives who are looking to reduce their administrative workload.

Real Estate Virtual Assistant

This virtual assistant is an employee of a real estate agent’s company.

This virtual assistant assists agents in scheduling appointments, preparing paperwork, and taking calls from potential buyers/sellers.

Real estate VAs  help their employers generate more leads. They will then focus their energy on building relationships and improving sales for their clients.

Bookkeeping Virtual Assistant

This virtual assistant helps keep accurate records for their employer.

A virtual assistant could be employed by an accountant firm, or they may work for themselves to help multiple clients at once.

This type of remote staff is usually hired to assist small business owners and finance departments. Remote bookkeepers can help you save money as well as your costs.

Shopping and E-commerce Virtual Assistant

This virtual assistant will help you keep track of all items in your online shopping cart.

These virtual assistants monitor the items that shoppers have placed in their virtual shopping carts via affiliate links or other methods.

They ensure that these items are not “lost”. This includes forgetting the item being considered, having a family friend purchase it, or accidentally deleting the bookmark.

eCommerce VAs are experts in managing product lists, online shops, such as Shopify and Amazon, Google Shop, Google Shop, and other apps.

This time-consuming task can be reduced and your sales could increase by hiring a virtual assistant.

Customer Service Virtual Assistant

Many companies have virtual customer service assistants. They can handle customer concerns and issues via email, chat, or phone calls.

They answer customer questions, open new accounts, and handle refunds and other product-related problems that customers may have..

Blog Virtual Assistant

Bloggers who are just starting out can hire this type of virtual assistant.

They handle all technical and behind-the scenes work involved in blogging.

This virtual assistant can help you set up your blog and make sure it is secure. It will also help you to create quality content and schedule social media posts.

Computer Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants can be hired to assist you with tasks related to computers.

They can do everything from running computers to playing music or videos to browsing the internet.

Virtual assistants can assist you with more difficult issues, such as fixing your computer or implementing security measures in your company’s network.

Data Entry Virtual Assistant

This virtual assistant can do many tasks such as entering large amounts of information into a database.

They also transcribe audio recordings, insert/delete notes in online calendars such as Google Calendars, and enter names and addresses in contact databases.

Graphic Design Virtual Assistant

This type of virtual assistant is trained in graphic design and can assist anyone with logo creation, web page design or website maintenance (such as WordPress sites).

They can also work on creating brochures, fliers, and advertisements through programs such as Photoshop or InDesign.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of virtual assistant is best?

The best type of virtual assistant for those who are just starting out is the Data Entry Virtual Assistant, this is because it doesn’t take up too much of your time in a day and most employers allow you to work at your own pace, as long as you deliver quality content.

What type of service is virtual assistant?

Virtual assistance can be categorized as customer service because a virtual assistant will be able to survey or speak to customers and they provide a variety of services to business owners.


The virtual assistant market is growing at an exponential growth. And with this outburst in the market, you can hire a virtual assistant to complete a wide variety of tasks.

Virtual assistants are skilled in many different tasks. This list is not intended to be comprehensive. However, it will give an overview of what the virtual assistant skill level is.

We’ve listed 10 types of virtual assistants and we hope that this can help you find what you are looking for and find some useful information for yourself or someone in your network to implement.